HeatData Frequently Asked Questions

HeatData Features for All Plans

  • High level mobile metric dashboard
  • Heatmaps of user interactions, with filtering by action type (tap, swipes, holds, etc.) and time series information
  • Sortable and searchable list of pages on your mobile website based on key metrics
  • Drill-down pages of each webpage with metrics tailored for that specific page
  • Easy implementation: 1 line of Javascript
  • Lightweight library that keeps your site fast and snappy
  • 24/7 email support and a team dedicated to your customer happiness

How does HeatData make my life better?

You care about your visitors. You care about mobile. You care about revenue. To improve your visitors' mobile experience, you need to understand what they do with your mobile website. With HeatData, you will see what products interest them. You will see what is confusing about your interface. Then with these insights, you will have the opportunity to increase customer happiness and topline revenue.

Email sales@heatdata.com to get started.

We use other analytics tools. What does HeatData offer beyond my existing analytics tools?

  • Gesture Analytics: In a mobile world, intent isn't expressed in clicks only. We measure that world - swipes, zooms, drags - that makes the full customer experience, not just clicks.
  • Visual Heatmaps: You don't have time to process millions of SQL rows of data. We turn that data into an actionable, beautiful visualization.
  • Cross-Platform: The last thing you need is 10 different tools to solve a single problem. We let you drop in 1 line of code and get running for all mobile platforms.

What will my users and customers see?

It's invisible to your user, and their experience won't be affected.

How does this get set up?

One line of Javascript. 14kb. Drop it on your site, and HeatData will start loading into your dashboard.

Will HeatData affect my site's speed?

No. Not only are we minified at 14kb, but we have run many speed tests to verify that HeatData has zero negative effects on site speed. Specifically, here's a link to a speed test we ran, where HeatData took just 147ms to load, and did so serialized with other resources, so we added 0 additional load time.

Do you work on mobile apps?

We work on mobile app designs. We let you upload mobile app designs as images and test out interactions before you go build the entire app!

What do the different gestures mean?

Most are self-explanatory: tap, double tap, release, etc. However, some need clarification. For example, a swipe is simply a quick drag. Source: https://github.com/EightMedia/hammer.js/issues/222

How do you represent millions of taps, swipes, etc. all on one tiny screen? How do you account for if one person swipes on the screen a whole lot?

We normalize all of the actions. So we take millions of actions on your site and assign intensity based on proportions.

How do you account for portrait and landscape modes?

Regardless of the orientation, we can get back coordinates of each action and present it in one organized layout.

How do you handle dynamic pages?

We handle them fine. Normally, we truncate URLs we measure based on when parameters begin. The average user doesn't want to have to look at hundreds of different versions of the same page just because it has that many different permutations based on referral IDs and other parameters. So, we added a setting where you can view in your dashboard pages with their parameters, instead of excluding those parameters.

How do you handle responsive web pages?

Nicely! We use a coordinate system and record the height and width of the page at the time of an action. Therefore, we can render back an accurate representation of actions even if the page has been resized.

Does HeatData work with existing prototyping tools?

Yes! We have several integrations underway and more coming. Right now, we have tools set up for the following:

What does each gesture (e.g. "tap" or "transform") actually mean?

We discuss this in more detail here Definitions of Mobile Gestures.

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