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HeatData for Axure

Export from Axure. Import to HeatData. See HeatData. That's it.

Real heatmaps of user behavior on your mockups based on mobile gestures like taps, swipes, and pinches

Axure is a leading rapid wireframing tool. Wireframing lets us quickly and cheaply visualize our ideas for websites and apps. But how do we validate those ideas?

The HeatData team wanted to make it super simple for Axure lovers to import their wireframes into HeatData and do serious user testing.

  1. Create your design in Axure.

  2. Export your design as an image.

  3. Upload that design in the Mobile Apps section of HeatData.

  4. Share the unique HeatData URL and have users interact with it.

  5. Magic. View your HeatData from the Axure design right inside HeatData.

Get heatmaps for your mobile websites and apps today! Sign up for HeatData.

Let us know if you have questions about the Axure integration or ideas for other services we should work with.
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